“Snowga” – Yoga in the Snow – 5 Reasons to Try it



Winter doesn’t have to stop you from getting outside and enjoying yourself. Even if you only get out for a few minutes a day it can drastically change your mood! Now, you may have heard of “Snowga”. It sounds kind of silly, I’ll admit, but it really is fun, and I honestly find it to be beneficial.

What is Snowga?
Pretty Simple, its yoga in the snow. There are yoga teachers who teach Snowga classes. This is basically outdoor winter yoga classes in the snow. You create heat from within to keep yourself warm during your practice. There is also a huge community of Yogis on Instagram that use the hashtag #snowga. To me this is more yoga play, in the snow, in an attempt to capture beautiful winter photos. This is what I am all about! Although I would like to try an actual class sometime!

Here are 5 reasons why I Snowga, and why I think you should try it!

1. Snowga keeps winter fun!
I have always been a firm believer that in order to enjoy life, or enjoy life to its fullest, in a cold weather state you need to embrace cold weather activities. For this reason I snowboard, snowshoe, cross country ski, winter hike, run, ice fish, ice skate, sled, and of course build snow men and other fun sculptures. It’s pretty obvious, I love winter activities. I’m a true Minnesota girl. So when I heard about snowga; I was in.

2. Snowga gets you outside.
Like I said before, when you live somewhere cold you need to find reasons to get outside. So pretty simple, it gets you to take that step out the door into the cold! Being in nature is always beneficial.

3. Snowga is refreshing
Being outside in the winter is an instant refreshment. I always feel incredibly refreshed after a quick snowga session, even if I just run out to do one pose. To be honest that’s usually all it is! A quick 5-10 minute photo shoot, a few predetermined poses for upcoming challenges. When I run back into my house, or jump back in my car I am wide awake and ready to take on the day!

4. Snowga gets you to do Yoga
Even doing one yoga pose a day is good for you! In most cases I do snowga after an indoor home yoga session! This way I am nice and warmed up and my muscles are ready to strike a pose!

5. Snowga presents all types of new challenges
Winter comes with ice and uneven surfaces. I often find I need to engage muscles I can typically ignore. I become aware of different sensations in my muscles and different ways to keep my balance.

There you have it! Try it for yourself! Or search the hashtag #Snowga on Instagram and see what you find!

Below are some of my favorite snowga photos (all taken by my husband) from the last few years!

What do you think of Snowga? Have you taken an actual Snowga class? I’d love to hear about it!

Much Love & Happy Travels!




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