5 Big Reasons to Hit the Trail on your Next Vacation

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I am a huge fan of hiking while on vacation. Basically, everywhere I have ever traveled I have done some type of a hike. These adventures have left me with amazing memories. From short hikes in city parks all over the world, to the top of mountains, to historic military forts, I have seen SO MUCH from adding a day of hiking into my vacation plans! I urge you to do this on your next trip! Here are five big reasons why you should hit the trail on your next vacation.


  1. Hiking is free.
    Traveling is expensive. You not only have accommodation and transportation costs, but you also typically end up spending a lot of money on activities. Hiking is a great option for a free day full of fun! While some hiking, within state and national parks, will come with a fee for a day pass, you can always find free hiking trails. Many of my favorite trails have actually been just on the outskirts of national parks.
  2. Hiking is healthy.
    While traveling people typically eat out a lot, stay up late, and drink more than usual. I know I am guilty of all these things. Adding a dose of healthy into the plans is always a great idea! The fresh air is refreshing and rejuvenating and will certainly boost your mood. You will likely feel proud of yourself for getting out and doing something healthy on vacation, which is always a great feeling.
  3. Hiking presents excellent photo ops!
    Being in nature generally comes with beautiful opportunities for photos. Many hikes lead to beautiful places or beautiful overviews. You will see something you would have not otherwise seen on your vacation. You will also likely have moments of privacy (if it matters to you) to set up photo timers/take selfies or whatever you please! Also, along hikes there are always fellow hikers happy to take photos for each other.
  4. Hiking relives stress.
    While vacation shouldn’t be stressful, it sometimes is. Hiking is a very healthy form of stress relief. Adding a day of hiking in the middle of your vacation is a great idea to burn off any stressful energy. Sometimes you won’t even notice you are anxious or stressed but after a hike you will just “feel better” it’s just simply great to get outside and get moving!
  5. Hiking is a great solo or group activity.
    Hiking can be done solo or with small group, or large group. It is what you make it. Choose a short or long hike, choose a hard or easy hike. With hiking, the possibilities are endless. It is a very customizable activity and that makes it a perfect thing to add to any vacation.

While there are many more reasons than this, these are the top five that come to my mind! What am I missing? What do you love about hiking on vacation? I love hiking and I am always looking forward to my next adventure, wherever it may be!


Much Love & Happy Travels,





9 thoughts on “5 Big Reasons to Hit the Trail on your Next Vacation

  1. Hiking is definitely good for reducing stress and for your overall mental health too! I read about a study done by Stanford where they noticed when people spent time in nature, there was a decrease in rumination (how they termed negative thought patterns related to guilt or embarrassment) and neural activity located in areas of the brain associated to mental illness, as opposed to spending time in an urban setting. Sorry to get all nerdy with ya, haha! Great post and thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  2. While nothing new needs to be said here about the health benefits of hiking, I have been able to see, share, and have some amazing experiences on just about any, and every hike I’ve ever gone on. Just last year here in Michigan, close to home, I was in a small area of woods connected to a park. I was studying a berry on a bush that I wasn’t familiar with when I got a strange feeling. I glanced over my shoulder and thought I saw a deer laying down by a tree. Alas, it was only a fallen over tree stump. So returning to gazing at the berries, a few minutes went by and that…feeling returned. Again I glanced over my shoulder, and this time beside the fallen over stump stood a mature doe deer. Just looking at me, grazing a little, not alarmed at all what so ever that there was a strange human in her woods! We visited for a good few minutes and then she casually went on her way, looking over her shoulder one last time as if to say, “Hey, see you tomorrow?” We were only 50 feet apart the entire time! Sorry comment is so long. Thanks, V.


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