Workshops (2 hours):

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The Gymnastics of Yoga –
In this all levels workshop we will begin with a warm up, move into strength training for inversions, and then you will have the opportunity to try different stations set up for advanced yoga postures such as drop backs, walkovers, headstands, handstands and tick tocks. There will be gymnastics matting, spotting available and many different props making many of these skills more attainable than if you were to learn these in a regular yoga studio setting. Stations will be determined on the level of the class, making sure everyone has something fun to work on!


Building Strength for Inversions-
In this all levels workshop we will go over different strength and conditioning that will help you build your muscular strength and endurance. Using no weight lifting equipment, we will go over important body positions and exercises that will tremendously help you achieve your inversion goals. We will also go over exercises to keep your wrists and other joints strong and safe. Everything we go over will be something you can continue do in the comfort of your own home after the workshop.


Getting Comfortable Upside Down-
This workshop is for people who are ready to take their practice upside down. In this workshop we will begin with an all over stretch and then will move into inversions. We will start small and stay within each persons personal comfort zone. We will not only go over how to get started on inversions, we will also go over how to safely fall out of inversions should the situation arise. This is a great workshop to get you comfortable with the idea of being upside down and showing you a safe and comfortable way to start incorporating inversions into your personal yoga practice.



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Yoga Camp Photo Journey Retreat – October 2017


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